Day 0.5

First big trip, first day of travel and first blog post, how fitting!

I said my final goodbyes to London to around 3pm on the 17th for the flight to Abu Dhabi, not before a scare with the visa, as apparently I had printed the application and not the granted form… Long story short, I had the visa and all was well. Albeit for minor heart palpitations. After a short stop over in Abu Dhabi we continued on to New Delhi and landed at about 7am local time, with little under an hours sleep under my belt.

We were immediately greeted with a chaotic landing after exiting the airport. Our driver was in the arrivals lounge and apparently after you leave you can no longer enter (and i’m not talking the baggage area but the entire airport?!). Fortunately Sarah was able to borrow someones phone to contact the driver, with the fond promise of a cash reward! Which unfortunately, for the phone lending Good Samaritan, he never received.

After a short taxi through the bustling Delhi streets, we arrived at our hostel. Time for a rest before heading out onto the Indian streets to celebrate Diwali!