Venice in India!?

So we have started to collect a group along our travels now. We have 1 American Israelie, 1 Croatian/Canadian and 2 more Aussies, bringing the total to 6 people. We all woke up early and began making the trip from Pushkar to Udaipur. There is no train or bus station in Pushkar so we took a short taxi to the train station, with our plans of picking up a ticket at the station. This is never recommended in India as the recent swell in the middle class means that the trains are the most popular form of transport. After a few moments of relative chaos at the station but we managed to book 6 last minute tickets on the train to Udaipur. This meant we had a place but no reserved seats or confirmation, but we pushed through and went to the platform we had been directed. To our surprise we were met with an empty carriage which was a first for my Indian train experience and for the cost of about £4 each we weren’t complaining. The train journey was about 6hrs total and had a few stops along the way. As usual we were celebrities again!


Above: Getting photos taken on the train. Below: I know what caged animals feel like!


We arrived in Udaipur in the evening and stayed in Bunkyard hostel which was right beside the main lake. The views from the roof top across the lake were spectacular, I would recommend it as a place to stay but the food waste great so I would eat out if you decide to stay here.

We took it easy the first night after our long day of travel. The second day we took a walk around the town. The streets are relatively narrow but very quaint in comparison to other parts of India. We didn’t visit the palace but did take a walk over the bridge to the other side of the town. That night we decided to take a lake tour on a boat for sunset. It was the best way to see the city and quite cheap. It’s not a very large lake so the whole tour was around 40 minutes which was the perfect amount of time.


Above: View from the lake at sunset.

There are some beautiful restaurants and hotels around the waterfront. The most famous being the Taj Lake Palace which is on a little island of its own. We were told that this is where the king/prince goes to eat when he’s in town. There is also an amazing 5 star hotel called The Oberoi Udaivilas which we saw from the lake. In the evening the spray an anti mosquito mist across the garden which I had never seen before. It’s very expensive but if you had the money I imagine this would be hands down the best place to stay.

There are a lot of silver shops around Udaipur and the price of silver is cheap across India, so I decided to get a momenton of our trip. I was looking for a specific style of ring which I had seen all the jewellers wearing, but none of them were selling them. We managed to find a whole seller who would make the ideal ring for a quarter of through price I had been quoted, so I took the chance. From scratch he made the ring within 4 hours and finished polishing it when I arrived back. All for the price of about $25 which I wasn’t more then happy with. I now also have a personal momento of my time in India!


Above: The finished piece.

From Udaipur we decided to catch a flight to our next destination in Goa. The price was relatively the same as it was an early morning flight and it would save us a whole day of travel, giving us an extra day to relax on the beach. Next stop Goa!



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