Backtracking to Pushkar!

To make up for our earlier error by missing the train we had to postpone our Jaisalmer visit by a day which meant we had to take Jodpur out altogether. We never heard many positive recommendations for Jodhpur other then the fort so it wasn’t to hard to take this out. We decided to backtrack slightly and visit Pushkar and the camel fair that was just starting. We took a train from Jaisalmer to Pushkar and it was very pleasant, this time we were in A2 so we had our own beds with curtains. Very much needed for the longer train rides, if you aren’t on an extremely tight budget.

We arrived in Ajmer in the morning and caught a taxi to Pushkar. This is the only way to get there as there are no train stations in Pushkar. I don’t believe there are any bus stations either, but I could be wrong. Its only a short trip from Ajmer and the taxi will set you back about 500 rupees, which is always negotiable as is customary in India. We stayed at the Moustache hostel there which has recently opened. It was a great hostel and a really awesome location, they have a grassy area surrounded buy the rooms, so you can relax or play volley ball. The layout was something unique that I hadn’t seen before.

The festival meant that the town was a lot busier then usually. This also made exploring quite fun as there were lots of things going on. Usually I hear that Pushkar is much more peaceful but I would be happy to visit it either way. There’s is a lake at the center of the town which we took a walk around in the evening. With the sun setting and all the candles surrounding the water it was one of the best sights I saw in India so far. We even managed to play some traditional drums in front of lots or people praying.


Above: Religious worship at the lake. Below: Camel dancing at the fair.


We took a walk around the camel fair to see some of the shows they were putting on. There was a beauty contest and even camel dancing. We caught a showing of the camel dancing but it wasn’t quite what we had expected. The treatment of the camels did seem a little aggressive which wasn’t pleasant for some. It’s easy to forget that things are different in other parts of the world.

We took part in other areas of the fair and I even went on a very rusty Ferris wheel. The speed it was going mixed with the fact that there were no doors on the cages, made it somewhat of a thrilling ride! We spent a couple of days resting and exploring Pushkar and caught an amazing sunset at the top of a very steep hill. If you ever visit and have time then I would recommend it. You can buy a packet of biscuits and feed the monkeys. Just make sure they don’t see the whole packet, or they will swiftly turn into an organised gang of thieves.


Above: Monkeys waiting for some biscuits and ignoring the sunset.

Pushkar was a lovely relaxing place to visit and I would have liked to spend a little more time there, but Udaipur is calling!


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