Presidents House

After arriving early in the morning on the 19th, and with little sleep, it was hard to comprehend the beauty of the city. So after a shower and a quick nap we headed out to explore.

We were recommended a restaurant in town so we took the metro, which was described as 254x better then the London Underground by our taxi driver – how could we not try it! It’s unsurprisingly not exactly 254x better, but I could settle for 10x. They have a designated ladies carriage at the front of the train, which is definitely something London could use. Other then that the crowds, pushing and shoving are all the same, at least in India they do it with a smile.


We had a Dosa for dinner. It’s a large pancake type dish with a potato curry (Sambhar) in the middle. There were then 4 dipping sauces to choose from. Coconut on the right, green was coriander and some spicy ass red stuff (made from garlic, called garlic Chatni). There was another potato curry on the left. All tasted amazing. Still no sign of the Delhi Belly but I’ll keep you posted on any bowel movements.

We then took a walk through the city with a girl from Israel that we met at the hostel. She told us that the presidents house was close so we decided to take a look. (Not before I managed to snag a cheap pair of Delhi trousers from an honest merchant. Who knows if I got ripped off, I haven’t been here long enough to tell, but I do look damn good I must say!). The presidents house and surrounding buildings were more beautiful then I could have expected! The lights changed colour every few seconds which cast a rainbow over the building, framed by the night sky.

Lesson 1: Take tips from strangers, you have nothing to lose.


(Thanks to Anjali Upmanyu for the corrections)

6 thoughts on “Presidents House

  1. Dosia is called Dosa and the red ass spicy dipping sause :p is made up of garlic and called garlic chatni.. Apart from this, potato curry is called sambhar.. basically it is a South Indian dish.. hope you enjoyed it…

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